Mentees reviews

Being mentored by Eliran for six months has been awesome. He’s upfront and honest, which makes learning easier.

Eliran is good at both low-level and high-level programming, so rather knowledgeable. His guidance on data structures and algorithms and advice on career stuff has been really helpful.

He breaks down tough concepts well, so I feel more confident facing challenges and asking more questions.

Eliran is an amazing mentor, keeping it real while sharing loads of expertise. Definitely recommend being mentored by him for anyone looking to grow professionally.
Cristina, Self-taught Frontend Developer


Sometimes you don’t need another book or course, but an advice/guidance from someone a few steps ahead.


1:1 personal sessions. Genuine feedback - no sugarcoating.


You are a junior-mid level software engineer, or an aspiring software engineer, looking or a new job, or aiming for a promotion, etc.


Awesome. Contact me via Email / Twitter / LinkedIn